A pragmatic implementation of the Float Label Pattern

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A pragmatic implementation of the Float Label Pattern.
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Try it for yourself: https://richardvenneman.github.io/floatl/


🤙 Supports textfields and textareas
🏝 Dependency-free and maintained
⚡️ Small size, < 1Kb gzipped
🤣 Oldie browser support Sauce Test Status
Supports IE8 & IE9 as well, but I couldn't get them to run on SauceLabs 😰


Floatl is built primarily for module bundlers such as Browserify and webpack. As such it is distributed via NPM.
yarn add floatl # or npm i -S floatl

An UMD build is available from the GitHub releases page if you're not using a module bundler. This version adds Floatl to the global namespace.


Add the required styling to your app. Please refer to the GitHub wiki page on styling
for more information.


NOTE: Check the GitHub wiki page for instructions on how to use with React & Angular.
Markup your label and input (or textarea) with the floatl classes and wrap them in an element with the floatl class:
<div class="floatl">
  <label for="first_name" class="floatl__label">First name</label>
  <input name="first_name" class="floatl__input" placeholder="First name" type="text" />

Instantiate Floatl by passing in the wrapping DOM element:
import Floatl from "floatl";

var element = document.getElementById("my-floatl-element");
new Floatl(element);

Destroying instances

If you keep a reference to your Floatl instance, it's easy to remove all of the event handlers by calling the destroy instance method:
var myFloatl = new Floatl(element);

Placeholder polyfilling

While the JavaScript supports IE8+, Floatl aims to be good at Floating Labels and only that. The Floating Labels Pattern works best with placeholders and it is therefor recommended to install legacy browser placeholder support should you need it, for example Placekeeper
or Placeholders.js.


There are several libraries available that implement the Float Label Pattern, most notably floatlabels.js and FloatLabel.js. However, these libraries did not quite fulfill the requisites I had in mind (see features above) and I did not find any Bower compatible libraries when I started this project. Furthermore I like to use a well-maintained library. Since we're using this library in production at CitySpotters I'm keeping this library up to date.


Everyone is encouraged to help improve this project. Here are a few ways you can help:
  • Report bugs
  • Fix bugs and submit pull requests
  • Write, clarify, or fix documentation
  • Suggest or add new features
  • Write missing tests
  • Improve the TypeScript implementation

Development & testing

This project uses Jasmine with the Karma Test Runner.
  • Install dependencies with yarn install
  • Run the test suite with: yarn test (or yarn run tdd for Test Driven Development)


This library is released under the MIT License.
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