Converts any icon-font (Font Awesome etc) into individual SVG files for each icon.

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What is this

Icon Fonts are cool - Font Awesome/Foundation/Fontello/etc all have great-looking and well thought out icons. font-blast can extract those cool icons from the font file, and create individual SVG/PNG files for every one of them.


- Use cool icons outside of web pages. If you have individual icons as SVGs, you can import them into Sketch, Illustrator, PowerPoint, or any other app to use for visual mockups/presentations. - Modify & repackage icons. It's easy to change an individual SVG file, then repackage all images back into an icon-font (with e.g. Font Squirrel) - Get high quality PNGs. Generate high-res PNGs with a transparent backgrounds to use in native applications, emails, etc.


Font-blast does not require PhantomJS or any other native binaries, so it should work pretty much everywhere.
Note: PNG images are generated with the embedded batik-rasterizer, and you will need have java installed to do that. Evil Java is not required for generating SVG files.
$ npm install font-blast

CLI usage

You can generate icons from the command line by called the script with two parameters: the SVG file of the font, and the directory where inidivual icons should be placed -


$ wget
$ bin/font-blast.js fontawesome-webfont.svg fa-icons/


var fontBlast = require('font-blast');
fontBlast('font-awesome.svg', 'fa-icons');

Better Usage

Smarter filenames

Just using the SVG file it is impossible to tell what the icon represents. Most icon-fonts have a mapping table which gives a human-friendly name to each unicode symbol. See