A minimalistic parser for imperial lengths - feet and inch. Does metric too.

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The primary purpose of this package is to allow one to parse Imperial lengths, e.g. a string like 5' 10 1/4". While we are at it, we also allow Metric input, such as 155 cm.
Of lesser value is the formatter, which does the opposite - produce a string from a length number.
This is an npm package, but its components are written so that they can be directly included into a web page.
Getting started

Install the package:

npm install footinch --save

Include in node.js

The whole thing:
let footinch = require('footinch'), parse = footinch.parse, format = footinch.format;
Or just piece that you need:
let parse = require('footinch/parse');
let format = require('footinch/format');

Include in a web page:

<script src="../lib/parse.js"></script>
<script src="../lib/format.js"></script>
Well, you need to use the proper path, of course.


Best of all, look at the demo files in the misc/ folder.
To parse some user-input:
let str = "3 2 1/4"; // from some user-input
let numF = parse.F(str);  // Result in feet
let numM = parse.M(str);  // Result in meters
If parsing fails, each of the two methods return 'NaN'.
To format a length to a string:
const formatter1 =; // Will format to feet and fractional inches, to the nearest 1/8"
const formatter2 =, [' ft ', ' in']); // Format to 1/32, adding custom unit sufixes
formatter1(12.260416666666666); // Produces: 12' 3 1/8"
formatter2(12.260416666666666); // Produces: 12 ft 3 1/8 in
Naturally, one can do the whole formatting in a single expression, if the formatter is not going to be reused: + 2.12345/12)

Quick live demo

Open the file ./misc/demo-html.html in a browser and mess around!