localForage adapter for Fortune.

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Fortune localForage
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This is an adapter for Fortune.js that uses localForage which wraps IndexedDB, WebSQL, or localStorage. There is also a Cordova SQLite Driver.
$ npm install localforage fortune-localforage


This module works in web browsers only
const fortune = require('fortune')
const localForageAdapter = require('fortune-localforage')

const localForage = require('localforage') 

const store = fortune(recordTypes, {
  adapter: [localForageAdapter, {
      // Name of the IndexedDB database to use. Defaults to `fortune`.
      name: 'fortune',      
      // localforage config
      config: {
        // allowed drivers and priority, same as using driver
        driver: [localforage.INDEXEDDB, localforage.WEBSQL, localforage.LOCALSTORAGE],
        version     : 1.0,
        size        : 4980736, // Size of database, in bytes. WebSQL-only for now.
        storeName   : 'keyvaluepairs', // Should be alphanumeric, with underscores.
        description : 'some description'
      // or just send driver
      driver: [localforage.INDEXEDDB, localforage.WEBSQL, localforage.LOCALSTORAGE],


If you want to use GraphQL to query and mutate data (such as with a matching server schema) check out GraphQL Genie.

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