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This module is a wrapper around the fpcalc command-line toolchromaprint and provides a node interface to calculate AcoustID audio fingerprints for audio files.

Installing Chromaprint

fpcalc (provided by Chromaprint)chromaprint must be installed for this module to function.
OSX using Homebrew
$ brew install chromaprint

$ sudo apt-get install libchromaprint-tools


var fpcalc = require("fpcalc");
fpcalc("./audio.mp3", function(err, result) {
  if (err) throw err;
  console.log(result.file, result.duration, result.fingerprint);


fpcalc(file, [options,] callback)

Calculates the fingerprint of the given audio file.
File must be the path to an audio file or a readable stream.
If using a stream, note that you will not get duration out due to an fpcalc issue.
Options may be an object with any of the following keys:
length: Length of the audio data used for fingerprint calculation
(passed as `-length` option)
raw: Output the raw uncompressed fingerprint (default: false) command: Path to the fpcalc command (default: "fpcalc" - expects
executable in `$PATH`)
Callback must be a function that will be called with `callback(err, result)` once the fingerprint is calculated. The result object will contain the following keys:
file: Path to the audio file duration: Duration of audio file in seconds fingerprint: Fingerprint of audio file - Buffer if options.raw,
*String* otherwise


npm install --save fpcalc