fs-extra as es6 promise

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This is a very small wrapper around fs-extra to convert it's async functionality to use es6 promises instead of callbacks or adding and additional dependencies to your package. I'm not doing anything fancy with this library just looping through the functions and converting the async functions to promise style using es6-promisify.


npm install fs-extra-promisify --save


import fs from 'fs-extra-promisify'

async function read(file) {
  return await fs.readFile(file)


var fs = require('fs-extra-promisify')

function read(file) {
  return new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {

Some people prefer to know that a function is async so for every function that is converted to async (aka fs.readFile) is also accessible through fs.async. This means that fs.async.readFile and fs.readFile are the same function it's just a matter of preference on how you want to write it. I would pick one or the other and stick with it throughout the project and not mix them throughout the project because it can cause confusion to other developers that are looking at your code.
Since this is such a small wrapper around another library there aren't a whole lot of tests so if you come across an issue feel free to create a pull request with the fixes or open an issue and I'll get it fixed as soon as I can.


This Library doesn't include a polyfill for Promise. If your project needs to support older versions of node then you might have to add es6-promise at the root of your project, or another promise pollyfill like BlueBird.
npm install es6-promise --save