FTP client for Windows, OSX and Linux. FTPimp is an (imp)roved implementation of the FTP service API for NodeJS.

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FTP client for Windows and OSX / Linux.
FTPimp is an (imp)roved implementation of the FTP service API for NodeJS. It has unique features that you'd otherwise expect an FTP client to have...

Supported Node Versions

  • 4.x
  • 5.x
  • 6.x
  • 7.x
  • 8.x
Upgrading to 3.0 (Feb 28th, 2017)
Only one real breaking change for anyone using ftpimp < 3.0, data returned is now a Buffer. This may affect methods that try to perform special String methods on a Buffer object (ie String.prototype.split)


FTPimp has several major benefits in comparison to other Node FTP clients:
  • Recursively put files, and create directories
  • Recursively delete directories
  • Optional, automated login
  • Overrideable methods
  • UNIX and Windows
  • Easily work with every step of the event based FTP process
  • Propietary queue and helper methods for controlling flow and easily extending FTPimp's functionality

API Documentation

Documentation for ftp-imp can be found at the website ¬https://sparkida.github.io/ftpimp
Tests provide an example for every (practical) endpoint in the library ¬see those here.

Process flow and Queueing procedures

By default, every call is sequential. To have more granular control, use the Queue.RunLevels
You'll likely only need to use "Queue.RunNext" to prioritize a command over any subsequent commands. In the example below (#1), the sequence is mkdir, ls, put
example #1:
//make a "foo" directory
ftp.mkdir('foo', function (err, dir) { //runs first
	ftp.put(['bar.txt', 'foo/bar.txt'], function (err, filename) { //runs third

ftp.ls('foo', function (err, filelist) { //runs second

While in the next example below(#2) we use Queue.RunNext
to prioritize our "put", over that of the "ls", making our sequence mkdir, put, ls
example #2:
+var Queue = FTP.Queue;
//make a "foo" directory
ftp.mkdir('foo', function (err, dir) { //runs first
	ftp.put(['bar.txt', 'foo/bar.txt'], function (err, filename) { //runs second
-	});
+	}, Queue.RunNext);

ftp.ls('foo', function (err, filelist) { //runs third


Default config
var config = {
        host: 'localhost',
        port: 21,
        user: 'root',
        pass: '',
        debug: false

Automatically login to FTP and run callback when ready
var FTP = require('ftpimp'),
    ftp = FTP.create(config),
    connected = function () {
        console.log('connected to remote FTP server');
ftp.once('ready', connected);

Setup FTPimp and login whenever
var FTP = require('ftpimp'),
    ftp = FTP.create(config, false);

//do some stuff...
ftp.connect(function () {
    console.log('Ftp connected');

Put file to remote server
ftp.put(['path/to/localfile', 'remotepath'], function (err, filename) {
	console.log(err, filename);

Get file from remote server
ftp.save(['path/to/remotefile', 'path/to/local/savefile'], function (err, filename) {
	console.log(err, filename);

Recursively create directories.
ftp.mkdir('foo/deep/directory', function (err, created) {
	console.log(err, created);
}, true);

Recursively delete directories and their contents
ftp.rmdir('foo', function (err, deleted) {
	console.log(err, deleted);
}, true);

List remote directory contents
ftp.ls('foo', function (err, filelist) {
	console.log(err, filelist);

FTP Connection Types

Passive vs Active

By default, FTPimp uses passive connections for security purposes, but you can override anything you want pretty quickly to build a very robust FTP application.

Find a Bug?

Please let me know so that I can fix it ASAP, cheers ¬Report a Bug


  • Oct 12, 2015 8:11am(PDT) - v2.2.2rc All tests passing;
- Queueing order is sequential by default, this may break compatability, but resolves a lot of issues and removes barriers in progressive enhancements;	   
- Readme simplified, more examples, less clutter thanks to ^;
- Greatly refactored: put, rmdir, mkdir, setType;
- ls and lsnames now return an empty array instead of false when no files are found
  • Sep 10, 2015 7:46am(PDT) - v2.0.0a! Alpha release. Major changes in architecture, documentation updated, testing suite moved to Mocha!
- FTP.type now returns an error instead of throwing one
- FTP.save no longer returns filename in the result parameter on error
  • May 14, 2015 8:50am(PDT) - v1.3! Addresses issues that occur when working in cross platform environment. This added automated switching between binary and ascii(default)
  • Apr 25, 2015 10:09am(PDT) - v1.2! Linted. Addressed issues that prevented data from transferring completely when using things like ls lsnames etc...
  • Aug 21, 2014 9:56am(PDT) - Fixed an issue where the ftp host and port were hard coded in, connection will now use ftp configuration as intended. Thanks to broggeri!
  • July 9, 2014 8:08am(PDT) - Major Update - v1.0.0 - This is the pre-release candidate, everything has passed testing at this point, I will shift my focus to documentation and environment specific testing while tackling active and passive connection concerns.
  • July 8, 2014 3:38am(PDT) - v0.5.42 - The primary Queue FTP.queue will now emit a "queueEmpty" event when the last item in the queue completes.
  • July 8, 2014 3:21am(PDT) - v0.5.4 - FTP.rename will return an error if the file is not found
  • July 7, 2014 8:46am(PDT) - Fixed a queueing issue that occured when recursively removing directories using FTP.rmdir.
  • July 7, 2014 6:46am(PDT) - Fixed an issue that occurred when receiving data through ls, lsnames.
  • July 5, 2014 8:36am(PDT) - FTP.mkdir will now make recursive directories within the same queue group. Queue groups are a new feature as of V0.5.0
  • July 4, 2014 9:15pm(PDT) - Major Update Beta v0.5.0 stable
- The primary queue that runs all methods - **(FTP.run)** - now provides full control over how you queue your processes with the use of two parameters <br>**runNow** - to run the next command immediately <br>&<br>**queueGroup** - this tells FTP.run that the command belongs to a queue group and which will escape the **endproc** that loads and fires the next queue in line. Queue groups are one level deep and exist until a command is used where the **queueGroup** parameter is false.
  • July 1, 2014 6:44am(PDT) - FTP.put method will no longer prioritize put requests. Execution order is now linear.
  • Jun 26, 2014 7:41am(PDT) - Methods can now be passed a runNow parameter, to bypass queueing
  • Jun 23, 2014 8:24pm(PDT) - Restructured queues to work within FTP.run
  • Jun 23, 2014 7:46am(PDT) - Fixed a queueing issue with mkdir
  • Jun 22, 2014 5:20am(PDT) - FTP.mkdir and FTP.rmdir both have the option to recursively create and delete directories.
  • Jun 21, 2014 3:43pm(PDT) - Fixed regular expression in FTP.ls to grab deep paths
  • Jun 21, 2014 12:16pm(PDT) - FTP.put will now return error if the local file is not found
  • Jun 20, 2014 6:56am(PDT) - Fixed an issue with errors not being sent to the callback method
  • Jun 19, 2014 4:15pm(PDT) - Fixed an issue that occured when 0 bytes are received in data transfers
  • Jun 19, 2014 1:35pm(PDT) - Major Update Beta v0.4.0 stable
- **FTP.connect has been replaced for FTP.create**
- Resolved all known issues with the queueing of commands and data transfers. Good to Go!
  • Jun 18, 2014 4:35am(PDT) - Fixed an issue with performing multiple data requests
  • Jun 18, 2014 10:35am(PDT) - Fixed an issue with the response handler failing at login