FTP, FTPS and SFTP client for node.js, mainly a lftp wrapper.

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FTP, FTPS and SFTP client for node.js, mainly a lftp wrapper.


You need to have the executable lftp installed on your computer.
LFTP Homepage
Windows (Chocolatey)
C:\> choco install lftp
OSX (Homebrew)
sudo brew install lftp
sudo apt-get install lftp
# or
sudo yum install lftp


npm install ftps


var FTPS = require('ftps');
var ftps = new FTPS({
  host: 'domain.com', // required
  username: 'Test', // Optional. Use empty username for anonymous access.
  password: 'Test', // Required if username is not empty, except when requiresPassword: false
  protocol: 'sftp', // Optional, values : 'ftp', 'sftp', 'ftps', ... default: 'ftp'
  // protocol is added on beginning of host, ex : sftp://domain.com in this case
  port: 22, // Optional
  // port is added to the end of the host, ex: sftp://domain.com:22 in this case
  escape: true, // optional, used for escaping shell characters (space, $, etc.), default: true
  retries: 2, // Optional, defaults to 1 (1 = no retries, 0 = unlimited retries)
  timeout: 10, // Optional, Time before failing a connection attempt. Defaults to 10
  retryInterval: 5, // Optional, Time in seconds between attempts. Defaults to 5
  retryMultiplier: 1, // Optional, Multiplier by which retryInterval is multiplied each time new attempt fails. Defaults to 1
  requiresPassword: true, // Optional, defaults to true
  autoConfirm: true, // Optional, is used to auto confirm ssl questions on sftp or fish protocols, defaults to false
  cwd: '', // Optional, defaults to the directory from where the script is executed
  additionalLftpCommands: '', // Additional commands to pass to lftp, splitted by ';'
  requireSSHKey:  true, //  Optional, defaults to false, This option for SFTP Protocol with ssh key authentication
  sshKeyPath: '/home1/phrasee/id_dsa', // Required if requireSSHKey: true , defaults to empty string, This option for SFTP Protocol with ssh key authentication
  sshKeyOptions: '' // ssh key options such as 'StrictHostKeyChecking=no'
// Do some amazing things
ftps.cd('some_directory').addFile(__dirname + '/test.txt').exec(console.log);


Here are some of the chainable functions :
ftps.put(pathToLocalFile, [pathToRemoteFile]) // alias: addFile
ftps.get(pathToRemoteFile, [pathToLocalFile]) // download remote file and save to local path (if not given, use same name as remote file), alias: getFile
ftps.mv(from, to) // alias move
ftps.rm(file1, file2, ...) // alias remove
ftps.mkdir(pathToNewDir, mode)
ftps.rmdir(directory1, directory2, ...)
  remoteDir: '.', // optional, default: .
  localDir: '.', // optional: default: .
  filter: /\.pdf$/, // optional, filter the files synchronized
  parallel: true / Integer, // optional, default: false
  upload: true, // optional, default: false, to upload the files from the locaDir to the remoteDir

If you want to escape some arguments because you used "escape: false" in the options:
ftps.escapeshell('My folder');
// Return 'My\\ \\$folder'

Execute a command on the remote server:
ftps.raw('ls -l')

To see all available commands: LFTP Commands
For information, ls, pwd, ... rm are just some alias of raw() method.
Run the commands
ftps.exec(function (err, res) {
  // err will be null (to respect async convention)
  // res is an hash with { error: stderr || null, data: stdout }
// exec() return the child process of the spawn() method

Also, take note that if a command fails it will not stop the next commands from executing, for example:
Will add file on ~/ and give:
  error: 'cd: non-existing-dir: No such file or directory\n',
  data: ''
So...be cautious because ./test.txt has been added

For using the stream, use the execAsStream() command which returns a stream.
var ftps = new lftp(config)
var stream = ftps.raw('find').execAsStream()

Note on Using LFTP Commands

Normally in the lftp cli you would make a file of set commands and pass that file name into lftp with the -c option. However, ftps will do that for you with the additionalLftpCommands option.
For instance, to connect to a legacy sftp server you can do:
const ftps = new FTPS({
  // ...
  additionalLftpCommands: 'set sftp:connect-program "ssh -a -x -o KexAlgorithms=diffie-hellman-group1-sha1"',
  // Additional commands to pass to lftp, splitted by ';'
  requireSSHKey: false,

// this is helpful for people getting the DH GEX group out of range error

This is also instead of making a ~/.lftprc file. As you can see, you just put anything that would go into the command file into the option separated by a ;.
Additional command can be found here or by running man lftp.

PS: Any pull requests are welcome :-)