Do fuzzy matching using FZF algorithm in JavaScript

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FZF for JavaScript
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Originally available as a fuzzy finder for CLIs, FZF for JavaScript is a port of FZF's main algorithm so it can be used in browser context.

Quick look

Install FZF for JavaScript using:
npm i fzf

Then you can use it like:
import { Fzf } from 'fzf'

const list = ['go', 'javascript', 'python', 'rust', 
              'swift', 'kotlin', 'elixir', 'java', 
              'lisp', 'v', 'zig', 'nim', 'rescript', 
              'd', 'haskell']

const fzf = new Fzf(list)
const entries = fzf.find('li')
console.log('ranking is:')
entries.forEach(entry => console.log(entry.item)) // lisp kotlin elixir

For more ways to use this library, visit documentation.


Command palette is becoming ubiquitous – you can find it in code editors (Sublime Text, VS Code), design tools (Figma), project management apps (Height, Linear), source control tools (Fork, Sublime Merge). Web apps are becoming more prevalent as well. FZF has a great fuzzy finding mechanism which could be used outside of CLI and into these palettes.
There is a very good read about command palettes if you want to learn more.