Gantt, Schedule, Timeline, Calendar components all in one. [gantt, timeline, schedule, scheduler, calendar, booking, gantt chart, reservation, javascript gantt, javascript timeline, javascript schedule, javascript scheduler, javascript calendar, javascrip

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Gantt, schedule, timeline and calendar components all in one!


gantt-schedule-timeline-calendar is all-in-one component that you can use in different scenarios.

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  • elastic - you can change almost everything from DOM tree to logic (without any compilation, without modifying original code - with config, state or plugin)
  • super fast! even with large dataset
  • multiple items in one row - suitable for various applications like booking, reservation, resource manager, multimedia editor etc.
  • tree like structures - collapsible / expandable groups
  • moveable / resizable items with ability to configure which items can move at the moment and how
  • secure html templates
  • snap to specified time when resizing / moving
  • templates & slots support to easily change html content of each component
  • background grid on which you can place your html content
  • selectable cells and items with a choice of what can be selected at the moment
  • gradual time zoom up to seconds
  • resizable list columns (in realtime)
  • sortable and searchable list columns
  • BEM based CSS rules (easy to change appearance)
  • you can easily add third party libraries
  • highly configurable
  • mobile ready
  • Daylight saving time (DST) support
  • plugins support
  • attractive visually
  • written in typescript
  • offline license key (after purchase)

You can use it in react, vue, angular, svelte or any other projects.

You can use it as schedule for reservation system. You can use it for organizing events. You can use it as gantt chart. You can use it as calendar for different purposes. You can even use it as a multimedia timeline editor!

gantt-schedule-timeline-calendar is very extensible and elastic. You can make your own plugins or modify configuration in couple of ways to achieve your goals. You can control almost everything. You can change html structure, stylize every html element and even override original components without any compilation stage!


Online examples
You can checkout examples folder too.



gantt-schedule-timeline-calendar item types
gantt-schedule-timeline-calendar item types
gantt-schedule-timeline-calendar item types
gantt-schedule-timeline-calendar select cells
gantt-schedule-timeline-calendar linked items
gantt-schedule-timeline-calendar select items
gantt-schedule-timeline-calendar linked-items 2


npm i gantt-schedule-timeline-calendar
<script src=""></script>


Documentation can be found here


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