Config parser module for gemini

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Parser for gemini configuration files.
Config is described with a combination of a functions:
var parser = root(section({
    system: section({
        parallelLimit: option({
            parseEnv: Number,
            parseCli: Number,
            validate: function() {...}
    browsers: map(
            calibrate: option(...),
            windowSize: option(...)

There are 4 types of values:
  • option({defaultValue, parseCli, parseEnv, validate, map}) - a single scalar option.
- `defaultValue` - a default value to use if option is not provided
- `defaultValue(config, currentNode)` - a function to compute default value
- `parseCli(value)` - a function used to parse command-line arguments
- `parseEnv(value)` - a function used to parse environment variable
- `validate(value, config, currentNode, meta)` - a function used to validate the option value
- `map(value, config, currentNode, meta)` - a function used to transform the option value
  • section({sectionName1: valueParser1, sectionName2: valueParser2, ...}) - a section of a
values with specified key names. Each option will parsed with appropriate parser function. Any unknown value passed by user will be treated as an error.
  • map(valueParser, defaultValue) - a map with any number of user-specified keys. Each value is parsed by
valueParser. If set, defaultValue will be used in case of no user-specified data provided.
  • root(parser, {envPrefix, cliPrefix}) - creates a root config parsers from specifed parser function. Returns function with signature f({options, env, argv}).