A minimal Yeoman Generator for creating NodeJS modules using TypeScript

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TypeScript NodeJS Generator
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Bonjour! I'm a minimal Yeoman generator for creating NodeJS packages using TypeScript. I let you quickly setup a project with latest available tools and best practices.
I use:

You want to know if you can change any of these? Of course, why not? It is your package after all. I simply get down to business of generating, no questions asked and then quiety get out of the way!


Install generator-node-typescript globally.
$npm i -g generator-node-typescript

Create a new directory and cd into it.
$mkdir my-new-project && cd $_

Run the generator.
$yo node-typescript

You can choose to use mocha as your test framework using command - $yo node-typescript --mocha
You can choose to use ava as your test framework using command - $yo node-typescript --ava
Generate a new class and test file.
$yo node-typescript:classlib MyNewClass [--mocha | --ava]

Highlights of the latest release

  • I use latest version of TypeScript.
  • I use yarn in place of npm if it's available.
  • I use jest which is a "batteries-included" testing framework with coverage built-in (optionally mocha or ava). You write tests in TypeScript itself.
  • I use prettier integrated with tslint to provide no-fuss code formatting and linting.
  • I need no global dependencies. Every dependency such as TypeScript and tslint is installed as local dev dependency allowing you to freely use different versions of these for different packages.

### Integration with VS Code
  • I configure build, clean, lint, coverage, format and test tasks that you can run using Run Task option.
  • You can directly run currently open source file using task Run current file. I use ts-node to provide this functionality.
  • You can debug currently open source file using Debug file launch configuration. You can also debug currently open test file using Debug test launch configuration without the need of compiling it first. Here is the preview -

TypeScript debugging in VS Code