Get the closest parent folder containing a package.json file

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Get Root Path - NodeJS
  • Stop counting dots - get the project root path with a single import
*   (...or a single require if you're oldskool)
  • Memoizes the result for rapid lookups after initial run

Basic usage

import { rootPath } from '../get-root-path';

path.join(rootPath, 'build/app/client');
  • if you set the APPROOTPATH environment variable, it will return this as the root path

Real-world usage (especially if transpiling in a large, complex project)

import { rootPath } from '../get-root-path';

const app = express()
    .use('/', express.static(path.join(rootPath, 'build/app/client')));

What it really does

  • No magic - it just finds the nearest parent (ancestor?) directory containing both a
package.json file and a node_modules folder. 99% of the time this will be the project root of
the file doing the lookup.
*   If it ever gives you the wrong directory, definitely file an issue, I'd be more than
    happy to fix it