Generate a dummy MediaStream

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Generate a dummy MediaStream instance. This is useful for testing purposes where a media stream from getUserMedia is expected (e.g. in a RTCPeerConnection). This only works in modern browsers that support the Canvas.captureStream method.
npm install get-test-media
See the live demo.
The exported function accepts an options object somewhat similar to getUserMedia constraints (see example). It's also possible to pass a canvas element which will be used for drawing. Otherwise an element is created, attached to the body and hidden outside the screen by using absolute positioning.
var getTestMedia = require('get-test-media');

// Check if the browser supports the required APIs.
if(!getTestMedia.supported) console.error('Not supported');

var media = getTestMedia({
  audio: true,
  video: {
    width: 400,
    height: 300,
    frameRate: 24

var pc = new RTCPeerConnection();

// Cleanup when the stream is no longer in use.

The object returned from getTestMedia has two properties. The stream property contains the MediaStream instance, while the close method cleans up the underlying resources and should be called when the stream is no longer in use.