Generate passages of Lorem Ipsum text, suitable for use as placeholder text in documents.

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Generate passages of Lorem Ipsum text, suitable for use as placeholder text in documents.
This library can be used as a Node.js module as well as a being included as a standalone script on a page via Require.js or in a script tag.
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Installing the module (Node.js)

npm install getlorem

Require getlorem and use it to generate a passage of lorem ipsum text.
var getlorem = require('getlorem');

var output = getlorem.paragraphs(5);


Generating words


Generating sentences


Generating paragraphs


Generating lists


Generating bytes


Wrapping text with HTML tags

If you would like to wrap the generated text with a tag, pass it as the second parameter.

// Generates: <p>Lorem ipsum...</p><p>...</p><p>...</p>

Starting with 'Lorem ipsum...'

To generate a passage of text that begins with the opening 'Lorem ipsum…' sentence. Set the third parameter to true.

Using the CLI (Node.js)

getlorem can be used from the command line. To do this, install it globally.
npm install getlorem --global

Execute the statement getlorem to generate lorem ipsum text.
getlorem --units words --count 200 --copy

Refine the output with the following arguments.
| Argument | Description | | -------- | ---------------------------------------- | | --units | Generate words, sentences, paragraphs, lists, bytes | | —count | The number of unites to be generated | | —copy | Copy to clipboard | | —tags | HTML tags to wrap the units | | —swl | Start with 'lorem ipsum...' |

As a jQuery plugin

This library can also be used as a jQuery plugin. Placing the attribute data-getlorem on any container element will populate that element with the assigned number of Lorem Ipsum words.
<div data-getlorem="50"></div>