Extend gettext-extractor with the possibility to parse Vue single file components

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Extend gettext-extractor with the possibility to parse .vue single file components.

Usage: Adding Vue SFC Support with decorateJSParserWithVueSupport

Support for Vue single file components (SFC) is provided by a decorating the JSExtractor of gettext-extractor. The Single File Components will be transformed to JavaScript and fed into JSExtractor. Both vue@2 (via vue-template-compiler) and vue@3 (via @vue/compiler-sfc) are supported.
Below you can see an example, derived from gettext-extractor's README.
const { GettextExtractor, JsExtractors } = require('gettext-extractor');
const { decorateJSParserWithVueSupport } = require('gettext-extractor-vue');

const extractor = new GettextExtractor();

const jsParser = extractor.createJsParser([
  JsExtractors.callExpression('getText', {
    arguments: {
      text: 0,
      context: 1,
  JsExtractors.callExpression('getPlural', {
    arguments: {
      text: 1,
      textPlural: 2,
      context: 3,

let vueParser;

// For vue@2 support please provide vue-template-compiler via `vue2TemplateCompiler`
vueParser = decorateJSParserWithVueSupport(jsParser, {
  vue2TemplateCompiler: require('vue-template-compiler'),
// For vue@3 support please provide @vue/compiler-sfc via `vue3TemplateCompiler`
vueParser = decorateJSParserWithVueSupport(jsParser, {
  vue3TemplateCompiler: require('@vue/compiler-sfc'),




Usage: Transforming messages with decorateExtractorWithHelpers

decorateExtractorWithHelpers enables to you to add message transform functions to the extractor.
For example:
const { GettextExtractor, JSExtractor } = require('gettext-extractor');
const { decorateExtractorWithHelpers } = require('gettext-extractor-vue');

const extractor = decorateExtractorWithHelpers(new GettextExtractor());

// Ensure that every message has leading and trailing spaces removed
extractor.addMessageTransformFunction((message) => message.trim());