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This plugin adds a table of contents (TOC) to each page in your Gitbook. You can set whether the TOC appears on all pages by default, and you can enable or disable the TOC on individual pages to override the default.


Add the plugin to your book.json:
  "plugins": [ "page-toc" ],
  "pluginsConfig": {
    "page-toc": {
      "selector": ".markdown-section h1, .markdown-section h2, .markdown-section h3, .markdown-section h4",
      "position": "before-first",
      "showByDefault": true


  • selector : CSS selector to select the elements to put anchors on
- Default: .markdown-section h1, .markdown-section h2, .markdown-section h3, .markdown-section h4,
which include headings from level 1 to level 4.
  • position : Position of TOC
- Allowed values:
- `before-first` _(default)_ : Before the first heading
- `top` : On top of the page
  • showByDefault: Whether to show the TOC on all pages by default.
- Default: true.


To show a TOC in one of your pages, either set the showByDefault parameter to true in your book.json, or add the front matter item showToc: true to the top of the Markdown file like this:


showToc: true

My interesting page that has a TOC
If you have the `showByDefault` parameter set to `true` and you want to hide the TOC on a page, add the front matter item `showToc: false` to the top of the Markdown file like this:
showToc: false
# My interesting page that does not have a TOC

The page-specific front matter overrides the showByDefault parameter.

CSS Customization

The TOC elements have class attribute .page-toc. You can override the styles in styles/website.css.