gl-matrix's quaternion, split into smaller pieces

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Part of a fork of @toji's gl-matrix split into smaller pieces: this package contains glMatrix.quat.



quat = require('gl-quat')

Will load all of the module's functionality and expose it on a single object. Note that any of the methods may also be required directly from their files.
For example, the following are equivalent:
var slerp = require('gl-quat').slerp
var slerp = require('gl-quat/slerp')


- add() - calculateW() - copy() - conjugate() - copy() - create() - dot() - fromMat3() - fromValues() - identity() - invert() - length() - lerp() - multiply() - normalize() - rotateX() - rotateY() - rotateZ() - rotationTo() - scale() - set() - setAxes() - setAxisAngle() - slerp() - sqlerp() - squaredLength()

calculateW(out:quat, a:quat)

Calculates the W component of a quat from the X, Y, and Z components. Assumes that quaternion is 1 unit in length. Any existing W component will be ignored.

add(out:quat, a:quat, b:quat)

Adds two quat's

conjugate(out:quat, a:quat)

Calculates the conjugate of a quat If the quaternion is normalized, this function is faster than quat.inverse and produces the same result.

copy(out:quat, a:quat)

Copy the values from one quat to another


Creates a new identity quat

dot(a:quat, b:quat)

Calculates the dot product of two quat's

fromMat3(out:quat, m:mat3)

Creates a quaternion from the given 3x3 rotation matrix.
NOTE: The resultant quaternion is not normalized, so you should be sure to renormalize the quaternion yourself where necessary.

fromValues(x:Number, y:Number, z:Number, w:Number)


Set a quat to the identity quaternion

invert(out:quat, a:quat)

Calculates the inverse of a quat


Calculates the length of a quat

lerp(out:quat, a:quat, b:quat, t:Number)

Performs a linear interpolation between two quat's

multiply(out:quat, a:quat, b:quat)

Multiplies two quat's

normalize(out:quat, a:quat)

Normalize a quat

rotateX(out:quat, a:quat, rad:number)

Rotates a quaternion by the given angle about the X axis

rotateY(out:quat, a:quat, rad:number)

Rotates a quaternion by the given angle about the Y axis

rotateZ(out:quat, a:quat, rad:number)

Rotates a quaternion by the given angle about the Z axis

rotationTo(out:quat, a:vec3, b:vec3)

Sets a quaternion to represent the shortest rotation from one vector to another.
Both vectors are assumed to be unit length.

scale(out:quat, a:quat, b:Number)

Scales a quat by a scalar number

set(out:quat, x:Number, y:Number, z:Number, w:Number)

Set the components of a quat to the given values

setAxes(view:vec3, right:vec3, up:vec3)

Sets the specified quaternion with values corresponding to the given axes. Each axis is a vec3 and is expected to be unit length and perpendicular to all other specified axes.

setAxisAngle(out:quat, axis:vec3, rad:Number)

Sets a quat from the given angle and rotation axis, then returns it.

slerp(out:quat, a:quat, b:quat, t:Number)

Performs a spherical linear interpolation between two quat

sqlerp(out:quat, a:quat, b:quat, c:quat, d:quat, t:Number)

Performs a spherical linear interpolation with two control points


Calculates the squared length of a quat


MIT. See for details.