Like [browser-pack](, but mounts modules to `window.modules` (or a specified scope).

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Like browser-pack, but mounts modules to window.modules (or a specified scope).
Whereas browser-pack emits strings of Javascript that must be concatenated to run as valid JS and defines modules within an internal scope, global-pack emits strings that are themselves valid JS and defines modules in window.modules. This allows you to split each dep into a separate file and embed it via a <script> tag.


  • scope: String. The scope to mount modules. Defaults to window.modules.
  • objectMode: Boolean. If true, emit objects instead of strings. For every module-dep object ingested, the same object will be emitted with a content property set to the packed JS. Warning: global-pack will also emit two extra objects, prelude and postlude, whose properties include only id and content.