Glyphicons-only-bootstrap contains only glyphicon components out of entire Bootstrap. Even if Bootstrap allows a functionality to customize their source code, the source always comes up with normalize.css. For some users who do not want to use normalize.c

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Bootstrap nicely offers a functionality for a user to customize their bootstrap package source (Official link). However, even if we customize it, there still is a normalize.css part in it. For some users who don't want use normalize.css out of bootstrap, it could be a annoyting part. Thus, I deleted the normalize.css part and this glyphicons-only-bootstrap contains only pure glyphicon parts.


bower install glyphicons-only-bootstrap

Implement to your HTML

<link rel='stylesheet' href='bower_components/glyphicons-only-bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css' />


All license belongs to Bootstrap and the intention to build this package is not in commercial usage. If there could be any license issue reported, I will purge this from my repository.