Basic write stream that ensures destination exists before opening for writing.

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Simple Node write stream to write to a file.
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Lead Maintainer: Adam Bretz

Good File

This is a basic write stream wrapper of Node core Fs.createWriteStream(). The advantage is GoodFile will create the file and directory if they do not already exist.

new GoodFile (path, options)

Creates a new GoodFile write stream.
  • path a string for the file to write to. Will be created only if needed.
  • [options] optional file stream options. Defaults to { encoding: 'utf8', flags: 'a', mode: 0o666 }. fd will always default to -1 during object construction. For more information about options, refer to the Node documentation


If you're looking for a stream with built-in rotation options, please check out stream-rotate or rotating-file-stream. good-file no longer does file rotation because there are better ways to deal with log rotation at the operating system level.