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Gradient color
Gradient color generator
Attention: This doc is for v2.0, v1.x usage is at the end of the doc, and it's deprecated


npm install gradient-color -S


// commonjs style
const gradient = require('gradient-color')
// module import style
// import gradient from 'gradient-color'

const colors = gradient([
], 20)

// array of 20 colors in `rgb(x, x, x)` format


gradient(colorArray, n)
  • colorArray is either
- An array of color strings. This way, each gradient's step is the same ```js // hex string is supported '#fff', '#ddd', '#eee' // rgb string is also ok 'rgb(23, 23, 23)', 'rgb(33, 33, 33)' `` - An array of color object. You can specify each gradient's step value by frac` field. ```js
  color: '#fff',
  frac: 0.4
  color: '#eee',
  frac: 0.4
  color: '#aaa',
  frac: 0.2
// the last color could either be an object
  color: '#fefefe'
// or a string value
// '#fefefe'
``` If you are using this method, there're several things you should remember:
1. The last color should not have a frac field, so it can be either an Object with only color field or a String value 2. The sum of all the fracs should equal to 1
  • n is the number of color that will be generated. It should be greater than the length of your colorArray, i.e. n > colorArray.length

Upcoming features

  • Alpha channel support

Nasty old v1.x usage (deprecated)

var getGradient = require('gradient-color').getGradient

var number = 30 // How many units between the two colors
var startColor = "#7e93f5" // start color, must in hex mode
var endColor = "#f32b65" // end color, must in hex mode

var colors = getGradient(number, startColor, endColor)
// output an array, each unit is a color string in "rgb(r,g,b)" format