A simple Node.js helper utility for creating gRPC metadata

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Simple Node.js helper utility for creating gRPC metadata
Example (Installation)
npm install grpc-create-metadata
Example (Usage)
const grpc = require('grpc')
const create = require('grpc-create-metadata')
const meta = create({
  name: 'Bob',
  age: 20,
  active: true
console.log(meta instanceof grpc.Metadata) // true
console.dir(meta.getMap()) // { foo: 'bar', age: '12', prop: 'true' }

module.exports(metadata, options) ⇒ Metadata

Utility helper function to create Metadata object from plain Javascript object This strictly just calls Metadata.add with the key / value map of objects. If the value is a Buffer it's passed as is. If the value is a Sting it's passed as is. Else if the value defined and not a string we simply call toString(). Note that Metadata only accept string or buffer values.
Kind: Exported function
Returns: Metadata - An instance of Metadata, or undefined if input is not an object
| Param | Type | Description | | --- | --- | --- | | metadata | Object | Plain javascript object to tranform into Metadata If an instance of Metadata is passed in it is simply returned | | options | Object | options | | options.addEmpty | Boolean | whether to add empty strings. Default: false |