A grunt task to automate moving files to/from Amazon S3.

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Grunt + Amazon S3


Amazon S3 is a great tool for storing/serving data. Thus, there is a chance it is part of your build process. This task can help you automate uploading/downloading files to/from Amazon S3. All file transfers are verified and will produce errors if incomplete.


  • knox
  • async
  • underscore.deferred


Here is an example grunt.js configuration showing you all possible configuration.

  s3: {
    key: 'YOUR KEY',
    secret: 'YOUR SECRET',
    bucket: 'my-bucket',

    // Available values:
    // private | public-read | public-read-write | authenticated-read | bucket-owner-read | bucket-owner-full-control
    access: 'public-read',

    // Files to be uploaded.
    upload: [
        src: 'important_document.txt',
        dest: 'documents/important.txt'
        src: 'passwords.txt',
        dest: 'documents/ignore.txt',

        // These values will override the above settings.
        bucket: 'some-specific-bucket',
        access: 'authenticated-read'
        // Wildcards are valid.
        src: 'documents/*.txt',

        // But if you use wildcards, make sure your destination is a directory.
        dest: 'documents/'

    // Files to be downloaded.
    download: [
        src: 'documents/important.txt',
        dest: 'important_document_download.txt'
        src: 'garbage/IGNORE.txt',
        dest: 'passwords_download.txt'

Running grunt s3 using the above config produces the following output:
$ grunt s3
Running "s3" task
>> ✓ Downloaded: documents/important.txt (e704f1f4bec2d17f09a0e08fecc6cada)
>> ✓ Downloaded: garbage/IGNORE.txt (04f7cb4c893b2700e4fa8787769508e8)
>> ✓ Uploaded: documents/document1.txt (04f7cb4c893b2700e4fa8787769508e8)
>> ✓ Uploaded: passwords.txt (04f7cb4c893b2700e4fa8787769508e8)
>> ✓ Uploaded: important_document.txt (e704f1f4bec2d17f09a0e08fecc6cada)
>> ✓ Uploaded: documents/document2.txt (04f7cb4c893b2700e4fa8787769508e8)

Done, without errors.