Inject your Bower dependencies right into your HTML from Grunt.

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Inject Bower packages into your source code with Grunt.

What is this?

Grunt is great.
Bower is great.
And now they work great together.
grunt-wiredep is a Grunt plug-in, which finds your components and injects them directly into the HTML file you specify.
Whether you're already using Bower and Grunt, or new to both, grunt-wiredep will be easy to plug in, as you will see in the steps below.
do note: Bower is still a young little birdy, so things are changing rapidly. Authors of Bower components must follow certain conventions and best practices in order for this plug-in to be as accurate as possible. It's not a perfect world out there, so needless to say, some Bower components may not work as well as others.

Getting Started

If you are new to Grunt, you will find a lot of answers to your questions in their getting started guide.
To install the module:
npm install --save-dev grunt-wiredep

Include the task in your Gruntfile:

Create a config block within your Gruntfile:
wiredep: {

  task: {

    // Point to the files that should be updated when
    // you run `grunt wiredep`
    src: [
      'app/views/**/*.html',   // .html support...
      'app/views/**/*.jade',   // .jade support...
      'app/styles/main.scss',  // .scss & .sass support...
      'app/config.yml'         // and .yml & .yaml support out of the box!
    options: {
      // See wiredep's configuration documentation for the options
      // you may pass:


See wiredep's readme for more options of customization, such as other file types, regex patterns, exclusions, and more.
Options can be specified on both task and target level. See grunt documentation for more details on how this works.
For JavaScript dependencies, pop this in your HTML file:
<!-- bower:js -->
<!-- endbower -->

Install a Bower component:
bower install jquery --save

Call the Grunt task:
grunt wiredep

You're in business!
<!-- bower:js -->
<script src="bower_components/jquery/jquery.js"></script>
<!-- endbower -->

Behind the Scenes

This plug-in uses wiredep, which takes a look at all of the components you have, then determines the best order to inject your scripts in to your HTML file.
Putting script tags that aren't managed by grunt-wiredep is not advised, as anything between <!-- bower:js --> and <!-- endbower --> will be overwritten with each command.


A simple sample apple: website | github


A simple tutorial on how to use grunt-wiredep


Copyright (c) 2014 Stephen Sawchuk Licensed under the MIT license.