Gulp wrapper for audiosprite, which is ffmpeg wrapper that will take in multiple audio files and combines them into a single file

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Install with npm:
npm install --save-dev gulp-audiosprite
Also you need to install ffmpeg. ffmpeg should be available in a PATH environment variable


var audiosprite = require('gulp-audiosprite');

gulp.task('audiosprite', function() {
  return gulp.src('src/sounds/*.wav')
      format: 'howler'


Options are tha same as for audiosprite:
Name | Default | Description ------------|-------------------|----------------------------------------------------------- output | "sprite" | Name for the output files. path | "" | Path for files to be used on final JSON. export | "ogg,m4a,mp3,ac3" | Limit exported file types. Comma separated extension list. format | "jukebox" | Format of the output JSON file (jukebox, howler, createjs). log | "info" | Log level (debug, info, notice). autoplay | null | Autoplay sprite name. loop | null | Loop sprite name, can be passed multiple times. silence | 0 | Add special "silence" track with specified duration. gap | 1 | Silence gap between sounds (in seconds). minlength | 0 | Minimum sound duration (in seconds). bitrate | 128 | Bit rate. Works for: ac3, mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg. vbr | -1 | VBR 0-9. Works for: mp3. -1 disables VBR. samplerate | 44100 | Sample rate. channels | 1 | Number of channels (1=mono, 2=stereo). rawparts | "" | Include raw slices(for Web Audio API) in specified formats.