Gulp <-> Docker Compose binding

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Gulp Docker Compose
Hey there ;) The binding between gulp and docker compose lies ahead.


Just make sure you have installed docker, docker-compose and node, and the current user is in the docker group in order to be able to run docker commands without sudo.


Typical gulpfile.js

const gulp = require('gulp'); const clean = require('gulp-clean'); const babel = require('gulp-babel'); const path = require('path'); const plumber = require('gulp-plumber'); const vfs = require('vinyl-fs'); const GulpDockerCompose = require('gulp-docker-compose').GulpDockerCompose;
const srcFolder = ${__dirname}/src/; const dstFolder = ${__dirname}/build/;
// clean the previous build gulp.task('clean', function() {
return gulp.src(dstFolder, {read: false})
    .pipe(clean({force: true}));
// compile js gulp.task('build', 'clean', function() {
// vfs follows symlinks
return vfs.src(srcFolder+'/**/*.js')
        presets: [
            ["env", {
                "targets": {
                    "node": "4"
                "modules": "commonjs",
var gulpDocker = new GulpDockerCompose(gulp, {
serviceName: 'app',
tasks: {
    run: {
        name: 'run',
        dependences: ['build'],
    restart: {
        name: 'restart',
        dependences: ['build'],
    watchYML: {
        name: 'watch-yml',
extraArgs: {
    upOnRun: '--scale app=3',
    upOnYMLChange: '--scale app=3',
exposeCLICommands: true,
exposeStdOut: false,
exposeStdErr: true,
projectFolder: __dirname,
gulp.task('watch', function() {[srcFolder+'/**/*'], ['build', 'restart']);
}); gulp.task('default', 'build', 'watch', 'watch-yml', 'run');

Options and arguments

GulpDockerCompose takes 2 arguments:
  • gulp - the reference to gulp object to work with
  • options - an object of various options described below


  • serviceName (optional) - the name of the service to build (typically, the one in docker-compose.yml which has build directive)
  • tasks (optional) - the list of tasks to create, an object with two keys: run - stands for run compose task, and restart - for restart
  • hangOnInt (optional, default: true) - when the Ctrl+C combo is pressed on gulp watch, it stops docker compose. If the option is set to false, it will not override process.on('SIGINT') handler, but in this case, the docker compose (started as a daemon) will not be terminated. You may call gulpDocker.stopDockerCompose() manually in this case.
  • exposeCLICommands (optional, default: false) - being set to true, allows applied docker-compose cli commands to be displayed
  • exposeStdOut (optional, default: false) - expose stdout of cli command
  • exposeStdErr (optional, default: true) - expose stderr of cli command
  • projectFolder (optional) - sets project current folder. Should be set and correct in order to use 'watchYML' task

Both tasks have the same format: an object with the following keys:
  • name - the name of the task (an alias #SERVICE_NAME# is available and will get replaced with the value of serviceName)
  • dependences - the list of tasks which should be executed before gulp enters this task

If no tasks block specified, they can be created with makeRunTask() and makeRestartTask() respectively like the following:
gulpDocker.makeRunTask('run:#SERVICENAME#', 'build'); gulpDocker.makeRestartTask('restart:#SERVICENAME#', 'build');

Typical docker-compose.yml

version: '3'
services: app:
build: .
      - "db"
  - "3101:3012"
  - DB_URL=mongodb://db:27017/mydatabase
  - PORT=3012
  - ROOT_URL=http://localhost
image: "mongo"
  - "3110:27017"

Note that the corresponding Dockerfile should be present inside the same folder in order to build the service.

Under the hood

In fact, the module only launches the following docker-compose commands:
On run and restart tasks: docker-compose up -d --build
On docker-compose.yml file changed: docker-compose up -d --remove-orphans
On Ctrl+C: docker-compose stop


Enjoy ;)