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This is a gulp plugin for HTMLLint. Its interface was created to be similar to gulp-eslint.


npm install --save gulp-html-lint

Sample usage

var gulp = require('gulp'),
	htmlLint = require('gulp-html-lint');

gulp.task('html', function() {
    return gulp.src('site/**/*.html')



  • htmlLint(opts) - Adds htmlLint property to every file in a stream that is incorrect. Handles options.
  • htmlLint.failOnError() - Fail when an HtmlLint error is found in HtmlLint results.
  • htmlLint.failAfterError() - Fail when the stream ends and if any HtmlLint error(s) occurred. failOnError failed immediately - did not wait for the stream to end.
  • htmlLint.format(formatter) - Formats all HtmlLint issues using given formatter or a default one.
  • htmlLint.formatEach(formatter) - Format the results of each file individually.
  • htmlLint.result(action) - Handle each HtmlLint result as it passes through the stream.
  • htmlLint.results(action) - Handle all HtmlLint results at the end of the stream.


  • htmllintrc - (String, default: ".htmllintrc") htmllintrc configuration file.
  • useHtmllintrc - (Boolean, default: true) if false does not load htmllintrc configuration file.
  • rules - (Object, default: {}) Additional htmllint rules.
  • plugins - (String, default: []) List of htmllint plugins.
  • limitFiles - (Number, default: Number.MAX_VALUE) Stops linter after defined number of invalid files.
  • limitIssuesPerFile - (Number, default: Number.MAX_VALUE) Stops linter after defined number of linter issues in one file.
  • limitIssues - (Number, default: Number.MAX_VALUE) Stops linter after defined number of linter issues.

Default opts values:
    htmllintrc: ".htmllintrc",
    useHtmllintrc: true,
    rules: {},
    plugins: [],
    limitFiles: `Number.MAX_VALUE`,
    limitIssuesPerFile: `Number.MAX_VALUE`,
    limitIssues: `Number.MAX_VALUE`,

Build process

Gulp commands

  • gulp lint - runs code checkstyle
  • gulp test - runs tests
  • gulp test --file test/loader.js - runs single test file ./test/loader.js
  • gulp - alias for gulp lint test
  • gulp test-cov - runs instrumented tests, generates reports to ./build/test
  • gulp test-cov --file test/loader.js - runs single instrumented test file ./test/loader.js
  • gulp clean - removes ./build folder
  • gulp ci - alias for gulp clean lint test-cov

NPM commands

  • npm test - alias for gulp test
  • npm run ci - alias for gulp ci


MIT © Paweł Mendelski