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This project is not actively maintained
A thin wrapper of lintspaces
If you're looking for a gruntjs task to validate your files, take a look at this one:


This package is available on npm as: gulp-lintspaces
npm install gulp-lintspaces


var gulp = require("gulp");
var lintspaces = require("gulp-lintspaces");

gulp.task("YOURTASK", function() {
    return gulp.src("**/*.js")
        .pipe(lintspaces(/* options */))


newline at end of file option

Tests for newlines at the end of all files. Default value is false.
newline: true

maximum newlines option

Test for the maximum amount of newlines between code blocks. Default value is false. To enable this validation a number larger than 0 is expected.
newlineMaximum: 2

trailingspaces option

Tests for useless whitespaces (trailing whitespaces) at each lineending of all files. Default value is false.
trailingspaces: true

indentation options

Tests for correct indentation using tabs or spaces. Default value is false. To enable indentation check use the value 'tabs' or 'spaces'.
indentation: 'tabs'

If the indentation option is set to 'spaces', there is also the possibility to set the amount of spaces per indentation using the spaces option. Default value is 4.
indentation: 'spaces',
spaces: 2

ignores option

Use the ignores option when special lines such as comments should be ignored. Provide an array of regular expressions to the ignores property.
ignores: [
	/foo bar/g

There are some build in ignores for comments which you can apply by using these strings:
  • 'js-comments'
  • 'c-comments'
  • 'java-comments'
  • 'as-comments'
  • 'xml-comments'
  • 'html-comments'
  • 'python-comments'
  • 'ruby-comments'
  • 'applescript-comments'

(build in strings and userdefined regular expressions are mixable in the ignores array)
ignores: [
	/foo bar/g

Feel free to contribute some new regular expressions as build in!

.editorconfig option

It's possible to overwrite the default and given options by setting up a path to an external editorconfig file by unsing the editorconfigoption. For a basic configuration of a .editorconfig file check out the EditorConfig Documentation.
editorconfig: '.editorconfig'

The following .editorconfig values are supported:
  • insert_final_newline will check if a newline is set
  • indent_style will check the indentation
  • indent_size will check the amount of spaces
  • trim_trailing_whitespace will check for useless whitespaces


Feel free to contribute. Please run all the tests and validation tasks befor you offer a pull request.

Tests & validation

Run ``make test`` to run the tests and validation tasks.


This is a fork of the original gulp-lintspaces by @ck86 which was deleted from Github and npm.