md5 the static file and change the names in the quoted html

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md5 plugin for gulp ,md5 the static files(eg javascript style image files) ;then replace the filenames in css or the html if needed by passing the file or dir in the second parameter


First, install gulp-md5-plus as a development dependency:
npm install --save-dev gulp-md5-plus

Then, add it to your gulpfile.js:
var md5 = require("gulp-md5-plus");


md5 all css files in the src folder and change these css names in the quoted html--index.html
gulp.task('img' ,function() {
    var imgSrc = './static/img/**',
        quoteSrc = './output/static/css/**/*.css', // [./output/static/css/**/*.css',./output/static/js/**/*.js']
        imgDst = './output/static/img';

    return gulp.src(imgSrc)
        .pipe(md5(10 ,quoteSrc))

first, optimize all images in the img folder including all sub folders; then md5 all these images and change these images' names in the quoted css files ;


the directory of the md5ed files in the imgDst folder is the same as that of original files in the imgSrc folder; and css files can refer the image file with the same name in different folder rightly;




Type: String
Default: null
you can pass the size to limit the size of the hash that is appended.


Type: String
Default: null
the file need to replace the file name of the md5ed files. dir is also supported


Type: Object
Default: null
Type: Number
Default: null
used to match the file with it's directory path. for example: there is a file Dev/work/gulp-md5-plus/demo/source/img/sub_img/same.svg;when setting dirLevel to 1, the plugin will use sub_img/same.svg to find this file in the quoted files;this option's main purpose is to replace the files with the same name in different paths. you can see demo for detail.

gulp.task('img' , ['css'],function() {
        .pipe(md5(10 ,'./output/css/*.css',{
        	dirLevel : 1,
        	mappingFile: 'manifest.json',
        		connector: '.'

The sample above will append the md5 hash(length : 10) to each of the file in the static/js folder then repalce the link file name in the output/html/ using md5ed file name; at last store all of that into the output folder.
Type: String
Default: _
used to set the output file‘s connector; if use . the outfile will look like imgfile.5546983ac2.png ,while default is imgfile_5546983ac2.png
Type: String
Default: null
set the file to write the mapping result ,for example manifest.json

after set this option ;you should remove this file before gulp; you can follow the demo;


I have add a demo to demonstate how to use this plugin; If you have any other questions ,pls add issues.

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