to be the most simple gulp mock tool in the world

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A gulp tool also a commandline tool for local mock data,everything for simple!


json files in data directory(default named data) generate interface automatically

=> means real request >'host + /test' => response file 'data/test.json'
>'host + /' => response file 'data/'

change mock directory, default named 'data' directory in your project

mockDir: './demo/data'

generate jsonp interface automatically

>'host + /test.jsonp?callback=cb' => response file 'data/test.jsonp.json'

support https

https: true

multi-level directory such as:

>'host + /class/xiaoming' => response file 'data/class/xiaoming.json'

different params different response by get or post request

/data/ content:
module.exports = {
  params: {id: 123},
  response: './check_one.json'
module.exports = [{
  params: {id: 123},
  response: './check_one.json'
}, {
  params: {id: 456},
  response: './check_two.json'
}, {
  params: {id: 789},
  response: {
    name: "three"

>'host + /' => response file 'data/'
>'host + /' => response file 'data/checkone.json'
>'host + /' => response content '{"name":"three"}'
Key | Type | Default | Description | --- | --- | --- | --- | params | Object | Null | The parameters of the meet delay | Number | 0 | Request delay time route | String | Null | Request url code | Number | 200 | Status code (Temporary does not support) response | Object | {} | The data returned

support powerful command line

  • -h, --help output usage information
  • -v, --version output the version number
  • -e, --server mockRoot start mock server, such as: mock -e
  • -p, --port port server port config, such as: mock -e -p 8000
  • -f, --fetch url download remote url to local json file, such as: mock -f http://hostname/api/

may be others...


use for gulp

$ npm install --save-dev gulp-mock-server

use for commandline

$ npm install -g gulp-mock-server


first step

make a directory named "data" in the root directory

second step

webserver config:
var gulp = require('gulp');
var mockServer = require('gulp-mock-server');

gulp.task('mock', function() {
      port: 8090
put a json file such as "test.json" in the "/data" directory

third step

visit url => localhost:8090/test
so easy!


Key | Type | Default | Description | --- | --- | --- | --- | host | String | localhost | hostname of the webserver port | Number | 8000 | port of the webserver path | String | / | path to the webserver mockDir | String | ./data | mock directory livereload | Boolean/Object | false | whether to use livereload. For advanced options, provide an object. You can use the 'port' property to set a custom live reload port and the filter function to filter out files to watch. The object also needs to set enable property to true (e.g. enable: true) in order to activate the livereload mode. It is off by default. directoryListing | Boolean/Object | false | whether to display a directory listing. For advanced options, provide an object with the 'enable' property set to true. You can use the 'path' property to set a custom path or the 'options' property to set custom serve-index
options. fallback | String | undefined | file to fall back to (relative to webserver root) open | Boolean/String | false | open the localhost server in the browser. By providing a String you can specify the path to open (for complete path, use the complete url http://my-server:8080/public/) . https | Boolean/Object | false | whether to use https or not. By default, gulp-webserver provides you with a development certificate but you remain free to specify a path for your key and certificate by providing an object like this one: {key: 'path/to/key.pem', cert: 'path/to/cert.pem'}. proxies | Array | []| a list of proxy objects. Each proxy object can be specified by {source: '/abc', target: 'http://localhost:8080/abc', options: {headers: {'ABC_HEADER': 'abc'}}}. allowCrossOrigin | Boolean | false| whether to allow cross origin calls (CORS)


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