A gulp.js plugin to crawl your files and build the minimum features into modernizr

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Gulp Modernizr Build
Build custom Modernizr.js file

Description ##

Build Modernizr with Gulp. This plugin scans input files for references to Modernizr feature detects (only on the Modernizr object in JS and only on a html element selector in CSS) and builds a custom Modernizr build with only the necessary detections.

Install ##

Install the plugin with NPM: npm install --save gulp-modernizr-build
Require it in your gulpfile:
const modernizr = require('gulp-modernizr-build')

Usage ##

    '!./**/modernizr*.js']) // Don't forget to exclude any other Modernizr files you may have in your sources.
    .pipe( modernizr('modernizr.js', {
        cssPrefix   : 'feat-'
    .pipe( uglify() ); // this plugin won't do it for  you.


The plugin function accepts two parameters: The file name and a config object with the following properties:
  • cssPrefix

Prefix for CSS classes applied to the `<html />` element
  • quiet

Supress console output
  • addFeatures

An array of feature path to manually add to the build. for example : `es6/promises`


Testing is done with Mocha and Chai :
npm test


Thank you to following people for contributing to this plugin.


  • 0.0.6 - Updated Modernizr to v3.6. Updated Chai to version 4. Removed gulp-util dependency per the gulp team recommendation for Gulp 4. Added warning when no features are detected. Now Logs all additional options. Added tests for console output. Handled possible unhandled Promise rejection.
  • 0.0.5 - Updated Modernizr to v3.5. setClasses option is set to true by default. addFeatures option allows adding features manually.
  • 0.0.4 - Added LESS and Stylus file extensions for CSS detection. added quiet option. Added basic tests.
  • 0.0.3 - Bug fixes for RegExp objects (#1, #2). Updated README.
  • 0.0.2 - Removed unwanted files from NPM.
  • 0.0.1 - The plugin was born.

Todo ##

  • Accept an allFeatures parameter to build every available feature detection. Useful for building dev versions of Modernizr.
  • Add .editorconfig file & lintconfig for consistency
  • Tests
* Include references to every feature in JS and CSS to check they are detected correctly
* Test for false positives with sub-features (video & videoautoplay for example)