Rebuild only changed jade files and all it dependencies

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This is fork of Juanfran's gulp-jade-inheritance gulp-plugin migrated to new Pug parser (former Jade). ---
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Rebuild a jade file with other files that have extended or included those file
Inspired by jade-inheritance


```shell npm install gulp-pug-inheritance --save-dev ```


gulpfile.js ```js var pugInheritance = require('gulp-pug-inheritance'); var jade = require('gulp-pug'); gulp.task('jade-inheritance', function() { gulp.src('/jade/example.jade')
.pipe(pugInheritance({basedir: '/jade/'}))
}); ``` In this example jade compile example.jade and all other files that have been extended or included example.jade. The plugin searches for those dependencies in the basedir directory.

Only process changed files

You can use gulp-pug-inheritance with gulp-changed and gulp-cached to only process the files that have changed. This also prevent partials from being processed separately by marking them with an underscore before their name. ```js 'use strict'; var gulp = require('gulp'); var pugInheritance = require('gulp-pug-inheritance'); var jade = require('gulp-jade'); var changed = require('gulp-changed'); var cached = require('gulp-cached'); var gulpif = require('gulp-if'); var filter = require('gulp-filter'); gulp.task('jade', function() {
return gulp.src('app/**/*.jade')
//only pass unchanged *main* files and *all* the partials
.pipe(changed('dist', {extension: '.html'}))
//filter out unchanged partials, but it only works when watching
.pipe(gulpif(global.isWatching, cached('jade')))
//find files that depend on the files that have changed
.pipe(pugInheritance({basedir: 'app'}))
//filter out partials (folders and files starting with "_" )
.pipe(filter(function (file) {
return !/\/_/.test(file.path) && !/^_/.test(file.relative);
//process jade templates
//save all the files
}); gulp.task('setWatch', function() {
global.isWatching = true;
}); gulp.task('watch', 'setWatch', 'jade', function() {
//your watch functions...
}); ``` If you want to prevent partials from being processed, mark them with an underscore before their name or their parent folder's name. Example structure: ``` /app/index.jade /app/header.jade /app/partials/article.jade /dist/ ``` To install all that's need for it: ```shell npm install gulp-pug-inheritance gulp-pug gulp-changed gulp-cached gulp-if gulp-filter --save-dev ```

jade >= 1.11

if your using jade 1.11 add "jade": "^1.11.0" to your package.json to overwrite the jade-inheritance version. Issue