converts sheets of an excel file into a json files

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Excel sheets to json converter #
  • Simple gulp plugin for converting excel sheets into json files.
+ Creates a JSON file for each sheet. The name of the file is equal to the name of the sheet (tab)
+ You can choose which sheet should be exported, by using a filter. Filters can be defined as - minimatch - expession
+ If you want to ignore some columns you can add an exclamation mark (!) at the very beginning of the column header
+ Ignores sheets which name starts with a exclamation mark (!)
+ Ignores empty sheets        

Version ###


Install ###

npm install gulp-sheets2json

Usage ###

var gulp = require('gulp'),
s2j = require('gulp-sheets2json');
gulp.task("bulid:json", function () {
.pipe(s2j({ filter: "+(First|Second)" }))
// do some further stuff (transform, beautify, etc.)
}); gulp.task("default", "bulid:json", function () {"SampleBook.xlsx", ["bulid:json"])
}); ```

Dependencies ###

gulp-util, minimatch, through2, vinyl, xlsx