Apply namespaced routes in Hapi

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This library makes it easy to namespace your routes with a set prefix. It takes in an array of native hapi routes and once prefixed they are applied directly to the server object removing the need to write any additional code.


Install through npm:
npm install --save hapijs-namespace


namespace(server, prefix, routes)

server is a hapi server object to which you want to add the routes
prefix is the namespace prefix
routes is an array of hapi routes
The routes are namespaced and applied to the server object.

Quick Start

See example for more complete example usage including multiple routes, recommended file structure, and an index route.
Call namespace function passing the server object, prefix, and routes and the routes will be prefixed and added to the server object.
const namespace = require('namespace');

const server = new Hapi.Server(...);

namespace(server, '/healthcheck', [
        method: 'GET',
        path: '/ping',
        config: {
            description: 'Simple healthcheck route',
            notes: ['Should return status 200 with a simple object'],
            tags: ['api', 'healthcheck'],
            handler: HealthCheckController.ping,


Simply run npm test to run the tests