A custom prop type validator for hash maps

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Hashmap Prop Type
The missing hashmap prop type validator for React.

Why ?

This validator is especially useful when you use redux as hashmaps are recommended to structure your data within you state. To know more about state management see https://redux.js.org/docs/faq/OrganizingState.html#how-do-i-organize-nested-or-duplicate-data-in-my-state


This module depends on module prop-types
Run npm install hashmap-prop-type or yarn add hashmap-prop-type

How to use

```jsx harmony import React from 'react'; import PropTypes from 'prop-types'; // import the default function from the package, use require('hashmap-proptype').default for common js import hashmapPropType from 'hashmap-proptype';
class MyComponent extends React.Component { static propTypes = {
// type your prop with hashmapPropType. You MUST pass a PropType as argument 
myHashmap: hashmapPropType(PropTypes.shape({
  id: PropTypes.string.isRequired,
  myValue: PropTypes.number.isRequired,
render() {
const { myHashmap } = this.props;
return (
  <div>{Object.keys(myHashmap).map(key => <span key={key}>{myHashmap[key].myValue}</span>}</div>
} }
class App extends React.Component { render() {
// the hashmap to validate
const myHashmap = {
  'ddaf34cd-f31b-471b-ae23-6cb2729b580b': {
    id: 'ddaf34cd-f31b-471b-ae23-6cb2729b580b',
    myValue: 42,
  '6298edc8-c679-47fa-b52e-60c032eb744d': {
    id: '6298edc8-c679-47fa-b52e-60c032eb744d',
    myValue: 1234,
return <MyComponent myHashmap={myHashmap} />
} } ```