hast utility to transform from Parse5’s AST

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hasthast utility to transform Parse5’s ASTast to a hast treetree.


This package is ESM only: Node 12+ is needed to use it and it must be imported instead of required.
npm install hast-util-from-parse5
## Use

Say we have the following file, `example.html`:

<!doctype html><title>Hello!</title><h1 id="world">World!<!--after-->

And our script, example.js, looks as follows:
import parse5 from 'parse5'
import {readSync} from 'to-vfile'
import {inspect} from 'unist-util-inspect'
import {fromParse5} from 'hast-util-from-parse5'

const file = readSync('example.html')
const p5ast = parse5.parse(String(file), {sourceCodeLocationInfo: true})
const hast = fromParse5(p5ast, file)


Now, running node example yields:
root[2] (1:1-2:1, 0-70)
│ data: {"quirksMode":false}
├─0 doctype<html> (1:1-1:16, 0-15)
│     public: null
│     system: null
└─1 element<html>[2]
    │ properties: {}
    ├─0 element<head>[1]
    │   │ properties: {}
    │   └─0 element<title>[1] (1:16-1:37, 15-36)
    │       │ properties: {}
    │       └─0 text "Hello!" (1:23-1:29, 22-28)
    └─1 element<body>[1]
        │ properties: {}
        └─0 element<h1>[3] (1:37-2:1, 36-70)
            │ properties: {"id":"world"}
            ├─0 text "World!" (1:52-1:58, 51-57)
            ├─1 comment "after" (1:58-1:70, 57-69)
            └─2 text "\n" (1:70-2:1, 69-70)


This package exports the following identifiers: fromParse5. There is no default export.

fromParse5(ast[, file|options])

Transform Parse5’s ASTast to a hasthast treetree.
If options is a VFilevfile, it’s treated as {file: options}.
Whether the rootroot of the treetree is in the 'html' or 'svg' space (enum, 'svg' or 'html', default: 'html').
If an element in with the SVG namespace is found in ast, fromParse5 automatically switches to the SVG space when entering the element, and switches back when leaving.
VFilevfile, used to add positional informationpositional-information to nodesnode. If given, the filefile should have the original HTML source as its contents.
Whether to add extra positional information about starting tags, closing tags, and attributes to elements (boolean, default: false). Note: not used without file.
For the following HTML:
<img src="http://example.com/fav.ico" alt="foo" title="bar">

The verbose info would looks as follows:
  type: 'element',
  tagName: 'img',
  properties: {src: 'http://example.com/fav.ico', alt: 'foo', title: 'bar'},
  children: [],
  data: {
    position: {
      opening: {
        start: {line: 1, column: 1, offset: 0},
        end: {line: 1, column: 61, offset: 60}
      closing: null,
      properties: {
        src: {
          start: {line: 1, column: 6, offset: 5},
          end: {line: 1, column: 38, offset: 37}
        alt: {
          start: {line: 1, column: 39, offset: 38},
          end: {line: 1, column: 48, offset: 47}
        title: {
          start: {line: 1, column: 49, offset: 48},
          end: {line: 1, column: 60, offset: 59}
  position: {
    start: {line: 1, column: 1, offset: 0},
    end: {line: 1, column: 61, offset: 60}


Use of hast-util-from-parse5 can open you up to a cross-site scripting (XSS)xss attack if Parse5’s AST is unsafe.


— transform hast to Parse5’s AST
— transform hast to nlcst
— transform hast to mdast
— transform hast to xast
— transform mdast to hast
— transform mdast to nlcst


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