HOF behaviour for showing summary pages

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HOF behaviour for showing summary pages
The behaviour mixin will create a set of "locals" data which is compatible with the confirm view from hof-template-partials.


If no sections config is passed, then the mixin will create a section for each step that has fields, and a row within each section for each field on that step.
'/confirm': {
  behaviours: require('hof-behaviour-summary-page'),

Alternatively, sections can be defined manually as follows:
'/confirm': {
  behaviours: require('hof-behaviour-summary-page'),
  sections: {
    'museum-details': [
        field: 'exhibit-addresses',
        parse: (value) => value.map(a => a.address),
        step: '/exhibit-add-another-address'
    'contact': [
        field: 'contact-address',
        step: '/contact-address'


The sections configuration should be a map of arrays, where the entries in the array are the fields that should be shown within that section.

Field configuration

Fields can be defined as simple strings of the field key, in which case all default configuration will be used.
Alternatively, a field can be passed as an object with a field property defining the field key, and any additional properties as follows:
  • step - String defines the step which the user is returned to to edit the field value. By default this is the first step in the form's steps configuration which contains the field.
  • parse - Function can parse the value for the field from the session into a value for display.
  • derivation - Object allows for a new derived field based on a combination of other fields in the form. Note that
if both derivation and parse are specified then parse will be applied to the result of derivation. E.G. ```javascript
derivation: {
  fromFields: ['field-one', 'field-two'],
  combiner: (values) => values.map(it => Number(it)).reduce((a, b) => a + b, 0) 


The content for section headings and field labels will be loaded from translation files based on the keys.

Section headings

Translations for section headings are looked for in the following order:
  • pages.confirm.sections.${key}.header
  • pages.${key}.header

Field labels

Translations for field labels are looked for in the following order:
  • pages.confirm.fields.${key}.label
  • fields.${key}.label
  • fields.${key}.legend