A linter to check formatting of html files

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A simple linter to check the formatting of the html files in your project
Designed to be similar to how tslint and sass-lint work unlike other html linters which load urls and check the validity of the html page


Install globally to run from the command line:
# npm
npm install --global html-linter
# yarn
yarn global add html-linter

Install locally to run using an npm script:
# npm
npm install --save-dev html-linter
#  yarn
yarn add --dev html-linter

Create a json configuration file


You need to pass in a json configuration file that specifies the rules you want to enforce
Any properties not present in this file will not be checked
See the example config file
files: string[];                      // array of files to check, can use glob patterns
indentation: {
  char: 'space' | 'tab';              // character indentation should use
  number: number;                     // number of indentation characters file should use
attributes: {
  quotes: 'single' | 'double';        // quote character that attribute values should use
  whitespace: number;                 // number of whitespace characters there should be around the '=' character
  vertical-align: boolean;            // whether attributes should align vertically


html-linter --config [config filepath] [files]

The --config flag is required and should be the path to the json configuration file for html-linter
The file list is optional and can be used to override the files property in the config file


html-linter --config ./html-linter.json src/**/*.html