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HTML Tidy ========= Node Wrapper for HTML Tidy What is HTML Tidy? ----------------- HTML Tidy is an open source program for checking and generating clean XHTML/HTML. It cleans up coding errors in HTML files and fixes bad formatting. It can output files in the HTML, XHTML or XML file format. Using HTML Tidy, developers can programatically clean up and fix poorly-written HTML pages. Another use is to convert HTML to XHTML or XML. These files can then be easily processed using the tools in the traditional XML chain, such as XSL transforms. Installation ------------ To use this library simply install it using npm:
npm install htmltidy
Example ------- ```javascript var tidy = require('htmltidy').tidy; tidy('', function(err, html) {
}); ``` API --- htmltidy.tidy(text, options, callback) Tidy html like text according optional configuration options. ```javascript var opts = {
} ```
Platform support ----------------
  • Linux
  • Windows 32/64
Credits -------
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