Hubot adapter for discord

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A Hubot adapter for Discord
You should report any issues or submit any pull requests to the Discord adapter repository.

Installation instructions

npm install -g yo generator-hubot hubot-discord
mkdir mybot
cd mybot
yo hubot

Configuring variables on nix

You will need to create a Discord account for your hubot and then invite the bot to the channels you wish it to be present in
% export HUBOT_DISCORD_TOKEN="..."
Environment Variable | Description | Example --- | --- | --- HUBOT_DISCORD_TOKEN | bot token for your oauth hubot | MMMMMMMM HUBOT_DISCORD_STATUS_MSG | Status message to set for "currently playing game" | /help for help
The OAuth token can be created for an existing bot by navigating to here, the discord developer application dashboard and creating a new application. After creating the application, you will need to create a bot application and show then copy the bot token.

Launching your hubot

cd /path/to/mybot
./bin/hubot -a discord

Communicating with hubot

The default behavior of the bot is to respond to its account name in Discord
botname help