A hubot script for adding or removing points

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Give (or take away) points from people and things, all from the comfort of your personal Hubot.
Note: don't make changes here; make changes to the official repository instead.


  • thing++ - add a point to thing
  • ++ - add a point to the most previously voted-on thing
  • thing++ for stuff - keep track of why you gave thing points
  • thing-- - remove a point from thing
  • -- - remove a point from the most previously voted-on thing
  • thing-- for stuff - keep track of why you removed thing points
  • hubot erase thing - erase thing from scoreboard (permanently deletes thing from memory)
  • hubot erase thing for reason erase given reason from thing's score board (does not deduct from total score)
  • hubot top 10 - show the top 10, with a graph of points
  • hubot score thing - check the score for and reasons for thing

Uses Hubot brain. Also exposes the following events, should you wish to hook into it to do things like print out funny gifs for point streaks:
robot.emit "plus-one", {
  name: 'Jack'
  direction: '++' # (or --)
  room: 'chatRoomAlpha'
  reason: 'being awesome'


Run the following command
$ npm install hubot-plusplus
Then to make sure the dependencies are installed:
$ npm install
To enable the script, add a hubot-plusplus entry to the external-scripts.json file (you may need to create this file).


Some of the behavior of this plugin is configured in the environment:
HUBOT_PLUSPLUS_KEYWORD - alters the word you use to ask for the points, default score. HUBOT_PLUSPLUS_REASONS - the text used for the word "reasons" when hubot lists the top-N report, default raisins.