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Hyper-Solarized is an implementation of the Solarized theme for the Hyper terminal.
Hyper Solarized
  1. Installation
  2. Configuration
  3. Screenshots


Using the built in Hyper plugin manager

$ hyper i hyper-solarized

Using the .hyper.js file

Open the ~/.hyper.js file using your favorite text editor and edit the plugins array to include hyper-solarized
Reload Hyper to apply the changes


Hyper-Solarized supports custom configuration parameters. Specify the desired parameters in the config section of your ~/.hyper.js
config: {     
  hyper_solarized: {
    unibody: 'true',
    background: 'light',
    auto: true,
    lightTime: '08:00',
    darkTime: '19:00'
The following custom configuration options are currently supported
| Parameter | Function | Values |
|:----------|:---------|-------:| |background |The variant of Solarized to be used | {'dark', 'light'} Defaults to dark| |unibody |Specifies whether the terminal window should have a seamless window or a different colored background for the tab nav bar | {'true', 'false'} Defaults to true| |cursorColor|The color of the caret in the terminal|CSS color value (Hex/rgba)| |borderColor|The color of the main window border and the tab bar|CSS color value. Defaults to transparent| |navColor|The color of the nav bar|CSS color value. Overridden by unibody| |auto|Whether or not to switch color scheme automatically based on time, overriding the background setting.|Boolean. Defaults to false.| |lightTime|Time of day to switch to light theme.|String 'HH:MM' Defaults to '08:00'| |darkTime|Time of day to switch to dark theme.|String 'HH:MM' Defaults to '19:00'|


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