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Text “Hyperform - Insert Form” in 80s arcade game style

Localizations for Hyperform

This repository provides localization components for Hyperform.


Just add the file representing your language after the main hyperform script:
<script src="hyperform.js"></script>
<!-- load German strings -->
<script src="hyperform.de.js"></script>
  /* Validation messages are in German now. */


The current language coverage is:
ar	65%
cs	93%
da	68%
de	100%
el	65%
es-ES	68%
fa	65%
fi	89%
fr	100%
he	65%
it	68%
ja	68%
nl  100%
no	93%
pt-BR	93%
pt-PT	93%
ru	100%
zh-CN	68%
zh-TW	68%

Want to enhance your language's coverage? Then read on!


Help wanted! For some languages we only have stub translations and some strings are missing. If you speak العربية, Dansk, Ελληνικά, Español, Français, עברית, Italiano, 日本語, or 中文 or 文言, please consider translating the strings found, e.g., in src/de.js. Thank you!
If you want to add your translation, you are very welcome to do so! Thanks for considering to help!
A short intro how things work in this repo: When you clone this repository, you will find a Makefile, that is used to pull in initial translations from the Mozilla Firefox repository. So, let's say you want to contribute the Latin translation (language code la). This is how you would do that:
# clone the repository (after you forked it) and...
git clone git@github.com:YourForkOf/hyperform-l10n.git

# ...cd into it
cd hyperform-l10n

# create a base translation with the strings provided
# by Mozilla:
make src/la.js

# Done? Great! Now, edit that file. Change the Mozilla
# translations where necessary and add the missing ones,
# that are commented out towards the end of the file:
$EDITOR src/la.js

# Add your language to the first line in the Makefile so
# that it gets built automatically:
sed -i '1s/$/ la/' Makefile

# Create the final files in the `dist` folder:

# Add your files and commit your changes...
git add src/la.js dist/hyperform.la.js dist/hyperform.la.cjs.js
git commit -m 'add Latin translation (la)'

# ...and push them to your fork:
git push

Then follow the Github guide to create a pull request. Presto! Your translation is ready to become part of the growing family of Hyperform translations.