The persistent fragment like class used in hyperHTML

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The persistent fragment like class used in hyperHTML.
This is particularly useful with domdiff so it's been extracted from hyperHTML itself..
If you're looking for a smaller, modern, faster, alternative, check µwire out 😉
import Wire from 'hyperhtml-wire';

const wire = new Wire(document.body.querySelectorAll('*'));

wire.firstChild;    // first body element
wire.lastChild;     // last body element
wire.childNodes;    // an array of initial nodes
wire.ownerDocument; // the document of the first child

wire.remove(true);  // remove all but first node (domdiff friendly)
wire.remove(false); // remove all nodes

wire.valueOf(true); // force nodes to be re-appended to a fragment
wire.valueOf(false);// returns fragment with nodes only if not appended