i18next plugin to request the non-translated keys when used

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I18next with ability to download missing keys
Existing i18next offers backend plugins like i18next-xhr-backend, but those plugins are requesting keys by namespaces and not at the granularity of an individual key. The goal of this module is to be able to fetch missing keys individually, taking in consideration performances by debouncing the requests in a individual request.
using npm
$ npm install i18next-keys-ondemand
using yarn
$ yarn add i18next-keys-ondemand ```
Who to use it?
  • Use the module when initializing i18next:
```TypeScript import as i18n from 'i18next'; import { I18nextKeysOnDemand, TranslationMap } from 'i18next-keys-ondemand'; function translationService(keys: string) {
// simulate AJAX call
return new Promise<TranslationMap>((resolve) => {
const result: TranslationMap = {};
keys.map(k => { result[k] = 'translation of ' + k; });
setTimeout(() => {
},         50);
} i18n .use(new I18nextKeysOnDemand({ translationsGetter: translationService })) // init i18next here .init({
fallbackLng: 'en',
ns: ['thenamespace'],
defaultNS: 'thenamespace'
}); ```