A little module that replaces a long ObjectId value with short one keeping uniqueness. A charset for conversion is fully configurable and does not depend on requirement of 64 symbols. So it is possible to use only letters, letters+digits, digits etc.

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Short MongoDB ObjectId
Generate short id's from MongoDB Object ID's for use in url's or other applications.
The module can be used in few modes. You can configure a generation of very short ids based on mongoDB ObjectIds using only timestamp + counter and dropping machine id and process id. In this case a reverse operation is not possible. There is also a way to generate absolute indentical ids that include machine id and process id. This is a reversible conversion.
You can use and configure any set of characters for generation. The most problem of similar modules is a requirement of charset with length of power of 2. This module is free from this limitation. It is very useful for generation short urls based on charset of only digits and letters.


Use NPM:
$ npm install id-shorter

or Git:
$ git clone

Use as MongoDB ObjectId very short shorter (id made of [a-zA-Z0-9])

var ShortId = require('id-shorter');
var mongoDBShortId = ShortId();
var shortId = mongoDBShortId.encode('565ffd0edf3d990540b3134c');
Result: 48yD4jA45

Use as MongoDB ObjectId reversible shorter (id made of [a-zA-Z0-9])

var ShortId = require('id-shorter');
var mongoDBId = ShortId({
	isFullId: true
var shortId = mongoDBId.encode('565ffd0edf3d990540b3134c');
Result: cdNI0lgCZ0YJ3Z0Z2Bl

Use as decoder from reversible id (id made of [a-zA-Z0-9])

var ShortId = require('id-shorter');
var mongoDBId = ShortId({
	isFullId: true
var shortId = mongoDBId.decode('cdNI0lgCZ0YJ3Z0Z2Bl');
Result: 565ffd0edf3d990540b3134c

Use as BINARY to HEX converter (extreme usage :)

var ShortId = require('id-shorter');
var Bin2Hex = ShortId({
	base: '01',
	encoding: '0123456789abcdef',
	isInverse: false,
	isFullId: true,
var result = Bin2Hex.encode('0000000100100011010001010110011110001001101010111100110111101111');
Result: 0123456789abcdef


MIT (see License)