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IDBWrapper is a cross-browser wrapper for the HTML5 IndexedDB API. While this API is the future of offline storage, it is not very intuitive to use. IDBWrapper is there to provide easy access to IndexedDB's features.

Browser Support

IDBWrapper works on all browsers supporting the IndexedDB API, which are:
Chrome, Firefox, Opera 15+, IE 10+, Safari 8+
Chrome for Android, Firefox for Android, Opera for Android, IE10 for WP8, iOS 8+
IDBWrapper runs inside of a worker on following browsers:
Chrome (also on Android), Firefox (also on Android), Opera (also on Android), IE10+ (also on WP8+)
If using in an older browser supporting WebSql along with IndexedDBShim, IndexedDBShim needs to run first.
Note on limited/buggy IndexedDB support:
Using IDBWrapper


There are two tutorials to get you up and running:
Part 1: Setup and CRUD operations
Part 2: Running Queries against the store


There are some examples to run right in your browser over here:
The source for these examples are in the example folder of this repository.


For usage instructions, details about mothods for reading and writing data, setting up indexes and running queries, please refer to the Wiki.

API Reference

There's an API reference over here:
For references of older versions, please refer to this index:
Obtaining IDBWrapper


IDBWrapper is also available on cdnjs. You can directly point a script tag there, or require() it from there. cdnjs supports http, https and spdy, so you can just leave the protocol off. The URLs for the different versions of IDBWrapper can be found here:

Package Managers

If you use NPM as your package manager, you can get it from there, too, by running:
$ npm install idb-wrapper

If you use bower as your package manager, run the following:
$ bower install idbwrapper

If you want to add IDBWrapper to a volo project, just run:
$ volo add idbwrapper


You can git clone the repository, or download a zip file here:


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