Crossbrowser & lightweight way to check if user is looking at the page or interacting with it. (wrapper around HTML5 visibility api)

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ifvisible.js ------------ Crossbrowser & lightweight way to check if user is looking at the page or interacting with it.

Check out the Demo or read below for code example or Check Annotated Source


From npm ``` npm install ifvisible.js --save ``` From Bower ``` bower install ifvisible.js ``` For Meteor ``` mrt add ifvisible ```
meteor package is provided by @frozeman via Atmosphere


```javascript // If page is visible right now if( ifvisible.now() ){
// Display pop-up
} // You can also check the page status // using now method if( !ifvisible.now('hidden') ){ // Display pop-up if page is not hidden openPopUp(); } // Possible statuses are: // idle: when user has no interaction // hidden: page is not visible // active: page is visible and user is active ``` Handle tab switch or browser minimize states ```javascript ifvisible.on("blur", function(){
// example code here..
}); ifvisible.on("focus", function(){
// resume all animations
}); ``` ifvisible.js can handle activity states too, such as being IDLE or ACTIVE on the page ```javascript ifvisible.on("idle", function(){
// Stop auto updating the live data
}); ifvisible.on("wakeup", function(){
// go back updating data
}); ``` Default idle duration is 60 seconds but you can change it with setIdleDuration method ```javascript ifvisible.setIdleDuration(120); // Page will become idle after 120 seconds ``` You can manually trigger status events by calling them directly or you can set events with their names by giving first argument as a callback ```javascript ifvisible.idle(); // will put page in a idle status ifvisible.idle(function(){
// This code will work when page goes into idle status
}); // other methods are ifvisible.blur(); // will trigger idle event as well ifvisible.idle(); ifvisible.focus(); // Will trigger wakeup event as well ifvisible.wakeup(); ``` You can set your smart intervals with ifvisible.js, if user is IDLE or not seeing the page the interval will automatically stop itself ```javascript // If page is visible run this function on every half seconds ifvisible.onEvery(0.5, function(){
// Do an animation on the logo only when page is visible
}); ```


It's MIT, Go crazy.