## What is the use of this Repo

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React Boiler plate project

What is the use of this Repo

This Project is a ReactJS Bolier plate Project which includes the following
  1. react redux setup with reducers for loader, prompt modal
  2. axios instance setup
  3. unit testing support using Jest & RTL
  4. Using react skapa along with scss for styling
  5. Using react-router-dom v6 for routing
  6. basic login logout feature working
  7. protected backend api calls & protected ui routes based on authentication
  8. ikea font has been configured to be used across this project
  9. Table & Pagination reusable components included

This project Template can be used to build bigger projects
This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

Steps to run the project locally

  1. git clone repourl
  2. cd afg-ikea-react-boilerplate
  3. set registry for skapa , if not set
  4. npm install
  5. npm start

Coding guidelines to be followed while using this project

1.Please use the proper folder structure as its implemented here 2.Use ESLint/ prettier/Sonar lint 3.For loader & prompt Modal, we already have the configurations done, kidnly utilise the same 4.Follow DRY (dont repeat yourslef) principle while using or adding extra components 5.Use react skapa components for styling 6.If any extra css required, please use scss 7.Include react prop types validation if using props